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Junior Webmaster Award

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Junior Webmaster Awards
Rules And Criteria
Award rules and requirements.

1. You must have consent from a parent or legal guardian
   to Enter the under 13 or under 16 awards.

2.A phone number or mail address must be supplied for
confirmation of consent.

3. You may enter more than one age group award if your age is
   under the age limit for that award.
(that is if You are Under 13 You may enter all categories:-
 under 13,under16,and under 18).

4. All who qualify for an award and are successful will be notified
  and your first name and web address will be listed on the winners page.

5. the  site (or page) entered must be Your own work (help from an
   adult is ok for under 13 and 16).
6.Winners, a link to the winners page would be appreciated but is NOT
a requirement or condition of entry.(These awards are not to gain links to
my site as most awards are.)

Criteria will be applied according to type of site and Age Group.
(Under 18 is expected to be in accordance with all criteria.)

Ease of Navigation
Loading Speed (Depending on Content)
Browser Compatibility (Internet Explorer & Netscape)
Site or page Must be Complete (No under construction signs).
Links working correctly (No Broken or Faulty Links).
Page Layout (easy to Read).
Graphics (small & fast loading-except graphic design examples).
Must be "G" Rated-no Illegal,Racist,Hate,Obscene Sites will be considered.
No Music (Except Music Sites).
No Auto pop-up windows (pop-ups from hosting company will NOT count against YOU).
Based on the Above Rules and criteria,You feel Your site is eligible Please submit it.

The competition is fairly stiff. Please dont feel badly if You do not get an Award.
Good Luck. Ed.

The Awards may be viewed on the links below.

Under 13

Under 16


Award Winners

edcrain @ edcrain.net

webmaster @ edcrain.net


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