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Dear Subscriber,

Here is Your Organic Vegetable Growing Newsletter #20

Wednesday,16th. February 2005


2 Contributed articles:-

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Everything's Coming Up Roses!

By Laurel Sinton.

Everyone loves roses. There is so much romantic tradition
associated with roses! Roses have been around for millions
of years. In fact, fossils of roses dated at 40 million
years old are found in Florrisant, Colorado. You probably
know that the rose is our national flower in the United
States. The District of Columbia, North Dakota, Iowa and
New York all have different roses as their state flower.

Everyone loves the sweet smell of roses. And every woman
loves to receive roses for any holiday, birthday or
Valentine's Day. You don't need a special reason to send
roses. Roses are special in and of themselves! But not all
of us can give roses as much or as often as we would like.
I have a friend who makes a very healthy income. He sent
his girlfriend not one, but two dozen roses every month
during their courtship until he proposed. Now that's

What about growing your own? Roses can grow in your own
backyard or in pots. Sure, they need some care. Still,
nothing tops the sweet scent of roses blowing in from your
own garden. There are so many types to choose from. Roses
grow in several different forms. Tree roses, ground cover,
shrubs, climbing roses and bushes. Take your pick. The
hybrid tea rose, a bush, is the most popular and widely
grown. Roses sometimes grow in clusters and other times one
to a stem. They come in a wide variety of colors, including
white, peach, yellow, and of course, red!

Roses need a full day of sunshine, especially the morning
sun. Good drainage will keep them healthy and freer of
pests and molds. Roses absolutely must be pruned. Pick off
the dead flower heads regularly and do a good solid pruning
of dead branches at least once a year, but preferably twice
a year in the spring and fall. When you remove the dead
bits, the food and water that was trying to feed the dying
parts of the plant is channeled to the healthy parts,
making them grow fuller and stronger. Get someone to show
you how to do this properly. There are many tricks to doing
it right.

Rose lovers disagree quite a bit on how and what to feed
roses. There are many ideas out there about what's best.
Just like human diets, there are many out there to choose
from. And of course each expert has an opinion about which
is best. It's probably best to check with someone local who
knows your climate and soil type to see what works in your

Do a web search for pages on growing roses and you'll find
amazing varieties and colors to choose from along with
detailed information on when and where to plant them.
You'll also find out how to prune and care for your roses.
And the next time you want to give a gift of roses, you can
give the sweetest of all gifts, roses from your own garden!

About the author ---
Laurel Sinton is an busy backyard gardener whose rich
varieties of roses are a delight to the nose and the eye!
She enjoys "yard painting with flowers."
You can read more articles about roses at
<a href="
"> Roses</a>


Roses and Your Special Occasion

By Alexander Pederoski

Over the years, it has been common to see roses and their
images being synonymous with beauty and elegance.  This
can be seen in works as far back as Shakespeare (and
probably further), showing that roses have always been
regarded as elegant and attractive.  Naturally, the economy
and modern business has caught up with this idea, and has
catered to the notion of roses being the essence of beauty,
and often, even perpetuated this belief.  While this may
not be wrong, roses have understandably become rather
expensive over the years.  Florists have popped up, and on
certain holidays especially formulated for the exchanging
of greeting cards and roses, florists are able to make over
$75 USD for a single bouquet of roses.  Roses, while
expensive as shown, have become a staple of formal events
and nice occasions; weddings being a prime example.   So
what is the solution; what is the best way to get roses for
a formal event? This is where rose petals come into play.

Rose petals make a wedding or any other occasion nice.
Rose petals provide a great alternative to simply throwing
rice. A couple of rose petals here and there throughout
the ceremony can really add a nice touch to the day. Rose
petals are available in a huge variety of colors, shapes
and sizes; therefore you are almost certain to be able to
find something that will suit your needs. However, be
aware that most rose petals will cause staining. In light
of this, you may want to consider freeze-dried rose
petals. Freeze-dried rose petals will appear identical to
ordinary rose petals, however you won't need to be
concerned with stains on any kind of floor or carpet.

How do I find the right ones?

If you are planning to use freeze dried rose petals in a
wedding that's a ways off, try shopping for them early.
Because the freeze drying preserves the appearance of the
petal, they will not lose their luster after time.
Ordering rose petals well in advance frees up the wedding
party to utilize their time in other areas.  Where can you
find the freeze dried rose petals?  Freeze-dried rose
petals can be located in a variety of locations. Florists
usually are the best place to look for rose petals, but
with a little looking, they can be located in many places.
If money is an issue, consider about buying rose petals
using a wholesale distributor.

In all, rose petals can make a great addition to any
wedding ceremony.
Mr. Alexander Pederoski is proud to be the owner and
webmaster of <a href="http://www.flyrose.com">FlyRose </a>,
the Internet's hot spot for all things roses.  You can
read more of his work at http://www.flyrose.com


Companion herbs



Please Note:- The term Herb is used very loosely and may include references
to vegetables,fruit,flowers as well as plants normally called herbs.

Garlic and Chives are good companions for Roses.
plant in a circle around the bush to deter Aphids(Aphis).

Borage is often used as a companion to Strawberries.

Nasturtiums are used as companion plants in the vegetable Gardens.

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Happy Gardening,
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