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Dear Subscriber,

Here is Your Organic Vegetable Growing Newsletter #18

Wednesday,18th. September 2002
Welcome to All New subscribers.

Maintaining Your Garden
With Drought in many parts of Australia,
Maintaining Your Garden is becoming more important
to ensure the survival of plants and vegetables.

A good heavy mulch is critical to stop moisture loss
through evaporation.

Using *Grey water*(bath water etc.) is a viable alternative
to not having enough water for the garden.

In very Hot areas shade cloth is also an asset to
prevent loss of valuable moisture.

Water the root area (not everything) early in the morning
while it is still cool.

Keep weeds out, pull them up as soon as they appear.

A good watering every week is better than a little each day.

Leave Corn Stalks to provide shade for lettuce and other sensitive
Herbs and vegetables.

Drought is also a good time to sterilze the soil by covering
with clear plastic weighed down at the edges. 


Companion herbs



Please Note:- The term Herb is used very loosely and may include references
to vegetables,fruit,flowers as well as plants normally called herbs.

 Basil with Tomatoes and Asparagus.
Basil dislikes Rue; good companion with peppers and marigolds too.
Asparagus likes to be near tomatoes, basil, parsley and nasturtiums.
 Do not plant asparagus near garlic or onions.
Basil repels  Flies and Mosquitoes

Do You Have any tips You would like to share with readers?

You will be given credit for any tips submitted and a link
to Your web page if You have one.

Every Tip used will be placed in a draw every 3 newsletters
and someone will win software or a gardening book.

Happy Gardening,
PS If You Have a Question about organic Gardening E-mail me.
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