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Organic Vegetable Growing

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Dear Subscriber,

Here is Your Organic Vegetable Growing Newsletter #17

Wednesday,26th. September 2001
Welcome to All New subscribers.

Due to my main sources of income drying up edcrain dot com
almost became edcrain dot bomb, like so many other websites
have recently.
However we are back and to reward some of You (luck of the draw)
each month I will be giving a 2002 Aust Calender to three
lucky subscribers.
This Months Winners are:-

Assumtion Abbey 
Gillian and Chad Baldwin

Valorie Voight

Please e-mail me with Your postal address so I can send them.
There is NO cost to You.

Your Address will Not be Given to Anyone Else or used
for any other purpose.

Maintaining A Healty Soil
You must keep adding organic matter such as compost,manure
and/or grass clippings and plant material to the garden to
replenish the nutrients used by Your plants.

If you are preparing a bed for planting, spread the compost
etc over it and dig it in.
This will make the nutrients available sooner.

To add to existing beds spread as a mulch it will break down
into humus and sift down into the soil.

Worms will also come up and carry it down into the soil.

Those of You who used to garden with artificial fertilisers
and use chemicals for insects,fungus etc. will have to learn
to feed the soil rather than feed the plants.

Do not use chemical fertilisers for a quick boost as they
kill the worms and other organisms that help to break down
the organic matter.

To have a sufficient supply of composting materials You
can buy manure,blood and bone and other organic materials.

Another good source of material is Your neighbours lawn clippings
and fallen leaves (that they would burn).

Also if You Know someone with a Mowing service they will usually
be happy to drop off all their clippings to save paying Tip fees.

Companion herbs



Please Note:- The term Herb is used very loosely and may include references
to vegetables,fruit,flowers as well as plants normally called herbs.

Basil with Tomatoes, Asparagus, Beans, Grapes and apricots.
      (Almost any plant)

Beans with Potatoes and Sweet Corn.

Cucumbers with Potatoes.

Geraniums with Grapes.

Leeks with Celery.

Do You Have any tips You would like to share with readers?

You will be given credit for any tips submitted and a link
to Your web page if You have one.

Every Tip used will be placed in a draw every 3 newsletters
and someone will win software or a gardening book.

Happy Gardening,
PS If You Have a Question about organic Gardening E-mail me.
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