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Organic Vegetable Growing

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Accesible Gardening

A lot of People because of age or disability
cannot garden in the usual manner.

There are ways of making gardening easier and more
accessible to these people without spending a fortune.

One of the easiest and cheapest methods is container
growing,either on benches,low walls or hanging basket methods.
See Newsletter # 2

Another method is to build raised beds with bricks,blocks,
stones or timber to a height that is suitable for the
person involved usually 2 or 3 feet high.

Containers can be Pots,tubs,old bathtubs,washing machine bowls,
Styrene fruit boxes (make sure there are drainage holes),
wooden boxes or any other suitable container.

Most vegetables can be grown by this method and herbs are
very easy to grow in containers.

Companion herbs



Garlic, Chives, Basil, Chammomile, Feverfew, Borage and Parsley
are some of the herbs that are easy to grow in containers.

Rosemary and Sage need large containers as the keep going
year after year.

Happy Gardening,
PS If You Have a Question about organic Gardening E-mail me.

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