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Organic Vegetable Growing

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Fruit Trees for the Home Garden.

Growing fruit trees in the home garden can be done
successfully even in small yards.

There are several ways to have a few Varieties
without using all of Your garden for them.

With a garden with room for one or two trees,
Plant 2 or 3 different trees of the same basic family
(such as plum,peach,apricot or pear and apple.)
in the one hole.

Another method is to *espalia* them that is training
them onto a trellis or frame against a wall or fence.

Some people also have more than one Stone fruit
(plums peaches etc.) or Pome fruit (pears apples  etc)
on the one tree.

This is acheived by *Budding* on stone fruit or by
*Grafting* on Pome Fruit.
Budding and Grafting

With this method it is also possible to have more than one
variety of the same fruit(with slightly different harvest
times) instead of having everthing at once then nothing
until next Year.

You may also plant a tree or two in the front garden-
Citrus are excellent for this with their distinctive foliage.

First talk with Your Local Nursery or Garden Shop about
which fruit will grow successfully in Your Climate.

Most Varieties of Stone and Pome fruits require some
frosts to set the fruit buds for next season.

Companion herbs



Plant Garlic and Chives around Your fruit trees
to deter thrips and mites.

Plant Clover to attract benificial Predators of
Wooly Aphid to Your Apple trees.

Garlic helps deter Codling Moth.

Plant Nasturtiums in the Root Zone to deter
Wooly aphid and other pests.

Also use Pheremone ties to control Codling Moth
(it disorganises their breeding pattern).

Plant Lavender to attract Beneficial insects,
also helps to deter Moths


Happy Gardening,
PS If You Have a Question about organic Gardening E-mail me.

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