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Organic Vegetable Growing

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Edible Flowers



Edible Flowers
Some of the Flowers we grow for other purposes are also useful
as additions to food we prepare or on their own.



The flowers are often candied for use on cakes and to
decorate deserts.



 is used for making Chammomile tea.
Both Fresh and dried flowers are used for this purpose.
Oil is also extracted from the flowers for use in perfumes,
medicine and hair rinse.


English Marigold

 (calendula) also known as Pot Marigold.
Use the petals in Salads or in Soups or Stews (mainly for colour).

French,African or Mexican Marigolds(tagettes) are barely edible.
(in fact the taste Awful)



 A very useful plant use Flowers,Leaves and Seeds(green)
In salads and the Leaves on Sandwiches.

the spur on the bottom of the flower alongside the stem can be
nipped off and the nectar sucked out.(Kids love doing this)



 the best for this are "Old" Roses(Heirloom)

Petals are used mainly for decoration on Cakes and Deserts.
The Hip which follows flowering is used to make a High Vitamin C

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Companion herbs




Garlic and Chives are good companions for Roses.
plant in a circle around the bush to deter Aphids(Aphis).

Borage is often used as a companion to Strawberries.

and is a source of trace elements


Nasturtiums are used as companion plants in the vegetable Gardens.

Also plant near fruit trees to help deter pests.


Happy Gardening,
PS If You Have a Question about organic Gardening E-mail me.

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