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Organic Vegetable Growing

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Growing Lettuce and Carrots


Wednesday,17th.January 2001


Lettuce come in many shapes and sizes and can be grown quite easily.

The more traditional types with tightly packed heads are readily available
but the *Gourmet* types of loose leaves come in a variety of leaf shapes
and colours.

Most Lettuce do not like frost and some are prone to *Bolting*
(prematurely going to seed) in hotter climates.

Plant in well drained rich soil and keep well watered.
(The best tasting and crispest lettuce are those that are grown
quickly.)Allowing the soil to dry out will make them bolt or slow
their growth making them tougher tasting and less crisp.   

The gourmet types also make an excellent colour border in the
Flower garden,so if space is at a premium for Vegetables grow some in
the flower garden and leave the space for other Vegetables.

In hotter climates plant varieties that are less prone to bolting,
or plant them among taller plants such as Tomatoes or Corn
to give them some shade during the hotter months.

Another advantage oy the loose headed types is that You can pick a few leaves
at a time as they are growing,You dont have to wait for the heads to develop.

Plant lettuce among Your Cabbages to repel the White Cabbage Moth.

Carrots are another Vegetable that comes in many Varieties.
The larger Varieties are good for cutting up for Soups and Stews,
While the Smaller varieties are good to cook whole or eat raw.

Grated raw Carrots are often used in salads and sandwiches.

Plant in good soil with not too much manure.Where leafy vegetables
were grown last season without adding manure is a good spot.

Too much manure grows more top than carrot and can also cause the
root to fork spoiling the appearance and Yeild.

Plant seeds directly in rows where they are to grow, I also sprinkle
Radish seeds with them to help break the surface.

Radishes grow quickly and are picked and eaten before they start to
crowd the Carrots.

Close plant the Carrot seeds and thin out as they Grow ( baby carrots
are delicious raw or cooked.)

For container growing the shorter root varieties are better.
In Australia this includes Early Horn,Baby,and a newer variety
called Tom Thumb (a round ball like root about 1.5 to 2 inches
in Diameter.)
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Companion herbs




Chives a good companion for carrots.
(helps drive away rust fly) 

Rosemary and Sage deter the Carrot Fly.

Dill is a good companion for Lettuce.

Dill attracts Hover Flies and Predatory Wasps.
(Also attracts Tomato Horn worm so keep away from Tomatoes.)

Dill is also said to enhance the growth of Cabbage.

Chevril deters aphids from lettuce. (likes Shade)

Wormwood is said to repel mice,also repels many insects
including Carrot fly.

Happy Gardening,
PS If You Have a Question about organic Gardening E-mail me.

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