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Growing Asparagus



Here is Your Organic Vegetable Growing Newsletter #9
Wednesday 15th, November,2000

Over the last few weeks I have received several questions
on asparagus so here goes.

Preparation is very important as Asparagus is a
long term perennial Vegetable.

Plan where You will plant it bearing in mind that it
will be there for a very long time.

Dig a trench about 10 inches deep and add a generous sprinkling
of dolomite lime and a generous amount of compost,
about 2 inches in the bottom of the trench.

Make a small hill of soil for the roots of each crown to sit on.
(this makes the roots spread evenly)

2 year old crowns are the usual supply from nursuries and
garden supply stores that carry them.

If You wish to harvest over a longer period You can make the
trench 6 inches deep at one end sloping down to 12 to 14 inches
deep at the other end.

Reccommendations are that You do NOT harvest any the first
year.(Only one spear from each plant if You cant wait
another Year to try them.)

Let them grow and they will form seed berries and die off.
Let them dry completely off and remove mid to late winter.

When You clean up apply a side dressing of
compost and/or manure and some dolomite lime.

(you cannot very easily overfeed them using compost and Animal manure.

Next Year pick the first couple stalks from each one then leave to go to
seed again.

YOU must let some go to seed every Year for them to keep producing.

After next Year harvest for 2 to 3 weeks then leave them.

Looked after they should crop for at least 20 years.
I have seen them 40 plus years old and still producing.

You will find that seedlings will appear all over the place.

Those You wish to Keep leave alone for 2 years,then dig and transplant
where You want them, or dig them out carefully taking the soil and the
plant and put them somewhere to grow larger.
(1 in a large pot or in the ground for 2 Years.)

The rest just pull out.


Companion herbs



Asparagus likes Tomatoes and Basil as Companion Plants.

Remember to leave a little space for the Asparagus.
(and to be able to harvest it easily).

Do NOT plant Tomatoes in the Same place each Year.

What I do is plant Tomatoes for half the Length of the
row  on one side this year then the other half next Year.

The Next Year half the lenght of the row on the other side
then the next year the other half.

That way the tomatoes only grow in the same place every 4 Years.

Plant Marigolds around the borders of these beds as well
as the normal Annual vegetable beds.


Happy Gardening,
PS If You Have a Question about organic Gardening E-mail me.

Copyright 2000

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