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Organic Vegetable Growing

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Preparing for Spring


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For those of You that do not get snow, winter is a good time
to get Your garden ready for spring plantings.

Remove all the plant debris that should not be there such as
tomato vines,weeds that have seeds or are invasive to the
garbage (trash).

Dig over the beds digging in all other plant matter and
cover with mulch or compost (or both).(NOT too much where
You plan to plant Carrots or You will get plenty of tops and
not much carrot.)

About two or three weeks before You plan to plant your
crops sprinkle with some Blood and Bone and some dolomite lime
dig the covering in and leave until ready to plant.

Asparagus Should be given a side dressing of Dolomite Lime,
and Compost and/or Manure during the winter so that the soil
nutrients are in place when it comes out of the dormant stage.

Seedlings can be started indoors on a sunny window ledge
up to 6 to 8 weeks before the risk of Frost has passed.

When about 2 or 3 inches high they can be planted into 4 inch
Pots and will be well advanced when planted out.

Cucumbers,Pumpkins,Squash and Root crops especially Cucumbers and
Carrots should be sown where they are to grow.

This method means earlier harvest of the vegetables started indoors.
I usually only start a few of each early and follow at intervals,
prolonging the harvest and not getting all at once.

Beans etc. that do not crop for long should be sown at intervals of
3 to 4 weeks to prolong the harvest (they are also a good source of
Nitrogen so plant them between other crops).


Companion herbs



Dont Forget to Start Your Herbs Early to Plant wih Your
Early Vegetables.

Marigolds -English(calendula),French or African (taggettes)

Basil-to go with Your Tomatoes

Tansy to repel bugs and Beetles

Rosemary and Sage should have survived the Winter.

Plant Garlic and Chives directly where they are to grow.
(chives transplant OK so thin them out and plant them elswhere.)

Happy Gardening,
PS If You Have a Question about organic Gardening E-mail me.

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