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Clean and Tidy Garden?

Although it is Important to Keep Your Garden Clean,
Regular Weeding and Removing Dead Growth to prevent
the spread of disease and remove hiding places for
unwanted pests.

Ordered Tidyness can make it a lot easier for the pests
to find the Plants they like the most.
Interplant Your crops as much as possible to confuse them.

Commercial Vegetable Growers (non-organic) plant everything
in neat rows to make it easier to spray chemicals and spread
fertilisers, also to make harvesting easier.

With the home organic garden your garden can still look good
with the different colours(Aust.Spelling) and textures You have
with interplanting and companions.

Make sure You grow some Host plants for benificial insects
and predators to thrive and do their job properly.

Wasps do sting but if You are not allergic to their stings
leave them around as they feed on larvae of other insects
helping to keep Your Garden Pest Free.

Always water Early in the day to allow the plants to dry before
nightfall,this helps to prevent unwanted fungus, Mildew and Mould.

Mulching as well as saving water keeps pests such as Earwigs that
eat rotting vegetable matter under the mulch and off the plants.


Companion herbs

Basil is a great companion for Tomatoes, Asparagus and Peppers.
(Capsicums and Chillies).
Basil also repels flies and mosquitoes.

Asparagus also likes Tomatoes,Parsley and Nasturtiums.
does not like Onions or Garlic.

Borage is a good companion for Strawberries,Tomatoes and squash.
Also repels Tomato Worm.

Chamomile with Cabbage and Onions,repels Flea-beetles and Ants.

Nasturtiums with Cabbages,Radishes,Pumpkin and Squash,Fruit trees
and Asparagus. Repels Aphids,Squash Bugs and Striped Pumpkin Beetle.

Unless You have a lot of time to Spend in Your Garden take a
relaxed attitude to gardening.

Working with Mother Nature,Things do not happen overnight,
the Perfect looking specimens You see in Glossy magazines
take a lot of time and effort to acheive. 

Happy Gardening,


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