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Be Adventurous

You can be Adventurous in Your Garden by trying to grow
plants that are not supposed to grow in Your Climate Zone.

I have had succes with Choko Vines although the "experts"
say that I live about 1000 miles South (in the southern hemisphere)
of the usual Climate Zone for Them.

The Yield was quite good as was size and quality.

The only problem is that in sub-tropical zones they crop
year after year.Here I will have to replant every year as the frost
kills them.

I cannot promise success with all herbs and vegetables
as things do not always work.

The method I use to start the Choko vines is to start them in pots
indoors near a window.The plant them out after the risk of frost
has passed.

When You try something new dont get carried away,just try one or two plants
to see if You can grow them and get reasonable results.

Next year You can increase the number if the result is worth
the effort,both in yeild and quality.

Also if You live in a Tropical or Sub-tropical Climate zone
You can often grow Vegetables from cooler zones in winter.


Companion herbs

This Months Topic is not very much about companion herbs the only ones
are Sage(Salvia) used for another purpose and garlic and chives


After more than 20 years Experience I have found the following effective and cheap.

1.Sprinkle a combination of bicarbonate of soda and black pepper wherever they
gather (they cant stand it and leave).
2.Sprinkle Sage (salvia) around. Also good in cupboards.

3.Sugar Bait-Dissolve 3 tablespoons of sugar in 1 cup of water
and place capfuls on nests and trails-anywhere they gather.(cover if raining).
Store remainder in a bottle in the refrigerator.

4.Borax Bait- this bait is particularly good for indoor use,
Mix 2 cups Sugar and 2 Tablespoons Borax together then dissolve
in 1 cup water-Pour into jars loosely filled with cotton wool.
Punch holes in the lid and leave wherever you find ants.

5.If you must destroy the nests pour boiling water with a little
bio-degradeable detergent down the nests repeat if neccessary.

6.Sprinkle bone meal around plants etc. to keep them away.

Aphids are farmed by some ants the way we farm cattle for milk.
To deter the Aphids (Aphis) plant Garlic and Chives around the plants that
are attractive to Aphids and the Ants will go elswhere. 

Happy Gardening, Ed..


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