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Saving Water


Water is a Precious Commodity and Should Not be Wasted.
Mulching can save an Enormous Amount of Water during the Summer Months.

Mulching the garden helps the Plants also as the mulch retains the water where it does the most good-in the ground around the plants.

A good soaking once a week saves water and promotes better root growth.

Daily watering wastes water and leaves the plants with a weaker root system and less vigourous growth.

Water in the Early Morning as This allows the leaves to dry during the day reducing the risk of fungus,mold etc.

Seedlings need water more often until they develop their root system and are large enough to mulch..


Companion herbs


  Try using the Following Herbs as Companions to Keep your Garden Healthy.

Borage with Strawberries,Tomatoes and Squash.
Foxgloves with Everything.
Hyssop with Cabbages (Attracts the White Cabbage Moth more than Cabbages).

Lovage with Everything.
Marigolds (African or French) protect the Roots of Tomatoes,Potatoes.Beetroot,Lettuce,Cabbage,Carrots.

Majoram with Everything (Repels Insects).
Nasturtiums with Zucchini,Tomatoes,Potatoes,Radishes,Broccoli,Apples,all members of the Cabbage Family.

Tansy with Grapevines,Strawberries,Fruit Trees,Also said to repel flies,grow in pots naer Windows and Doors.
Thyme with Cabbage and Almost Everything.


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