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Slugs and Snails


Slugs and snails would be the most hated pests in the garden.
There are a few methods of keeping them away from the plants
we want,without using any poisons.

The best method (if your local council allows) is ducks,
Mandarin ducks being one of the best at keeping
the slug and snail population in check.

Another method is to place a little stale beer in the botton
of a margarine container sunk intothe ground so that
the top edge is just above the surface level
(about quarter of an inch) the slugs and snails go in,
get drunk and can't get out-despatch them the next morning.

If You bury it so the top is level with the surface
Useful predators can also fall in and drown.

Another method is to place a barrier around the garden
or single plants to keep the slugs and snails away using
sawdust,crushed egg shells, sand or wood ash.

Make these barriers at least six inches wide spread
so there are no gaps the slugs and snails can go through.

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Companion herbs

Plant Chrysanthemums and Pyrethrum daisies as border
plants to help deter bugs from your vegetables.

Plant lettuce among your cabbage etc. to deter
cabbage moths (they dont like lettuce).

You can also tie Rhubarb leaves over Your Cabbage and
Cauliflower plants to keep the bugs off them.
(Check once a Week).

Wormwood and Rue also deter slugs and snails,but most vegetables
do not like growing near Rue.

Rue is also useful in pots near doorways to deter flies and mosquitoes.


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