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Organic Vegetable Growing

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When Space is Restricted


Potatoes can be grown in large Containers such as 5 gallon
plastic buckets with drainage holes made in them.

Place about six inches of compost mixed with straw
or grass clippings in the bottom of the container,
put 2 or 3 peices of Seed potatoes with at least 2 eyes
(or potatoes from the previous crop).

Do not use potatoes from the supermarket or greengrocer
as they have often been treated to prevent sprouting.

Cover with 3 or 4 inches of the same materials.
As The plant grows keep addingmore Lawn clippings etc.
to the container,until it is full.

After flowering and the small berries have formed You may
harvest if You want small potatoes,for larger potatoes leave
until the plant starts to die off.

Companion herbs


Garlic and Chives are good deterrents for many pests, not only
in the vegetable garden, but to protect flowers and ornamentals.

Plant Garlic or Chives around the borders of your vegetable garden.

Plant Chives or Garlic in a circle around
Rose Bushes to help deter aphids and Thrips.

Chives are good to serve with Potatoes and salads.
Garlic is used in many recipies

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