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Code of Ethics And Privacy 

Code of Ethics

1.Honesty and Integrity in all that I do.

2.I will respect the privacy and standards of all persons and entities
   with whom I have any dealings or contact .
3. I will NOT Associate With Any Companies or Sites
   That Preach Hatred,Racism,Intolerance
   Or Illegal Activities.
4. I will Not use Unsolicited Commercial Email Methods (Spam).
5. I will Never Knowingly Recommend or link to any Site
   That contains Offensive or Dubious Content.

  Privacy Policy

I Guarantee That Any Information obtained from your visit
will only be used to improve or update this site.

YOUR information will NEVER be sold or given to any third party.

Any communication with you will only be at your request.

I cannot speak for other sites linked to this one.
(Check their Privacy policies).


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