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Organic Vegetable Growing

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No Dig Garden


First sketch a plan of your proposed garden,you will need at least three sections if possible.

Make them approximately 4ft.wide. using timber,bricks, pavers or specially designed edging at least 8" high,

make your borders(one at atime if you wish) fill with compost, straw,or stable manure(with straw etc.)

And a good sprinkling of Lime and Blood and Bone,at least one week before planting.

(stable manure mixed with wood shavings should be left for at least six weeks).

You do not dig this(except to recover underground crops such as potatoes)

 just add more material after harvest is finished. Rotate crops to avoid build up of disease.



Companion herbs


  Rosemary and Sage(salvia) are two perennial herbs that deter pests and are also useful in the kitchen.

Start with at least one of each in the section you plan to plant cabbages or other members of the brassica family.

Both rosemary and sage can be propogated by cuttings and this is a cheap way to have

 at least two of each of them in each section.

African or french marigolds (taggettes) deter pests and soil nematodes,

 remember during rotation of crops that potatoes,capsicums(peppers) and tomatoes are from the same

 family and should not follow one another in the same bed.

What I do to overcome this problem is to plant them in parts of the same section.


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