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By Kathy Williams
Copyright 1999

I have decided to write about a subject that all parents I
feel can relate to, when their kids get old enough to do
certain things on their own, so they think. It all started
out when we all were young and decided to have a family of
our own. The first few years were wonderful, with all of
the young-uns just lying around, with no demands that were
too strenuous for us as parents. Then all of a sudden the
terrible two's came along. Which by this time we were
already warned about how sometimes parents start to pull
out their hair, just by the way a young toddler can let out
that curdling scream that seems to go right up the center of
your back, until it stops right at the top of your head.
(and no matter how many times you hear that scream, thereís
not enough aspirin in the stores to take away that headache).

I seem to believe that parents with toddlers go through a
time in their life that they just go numb to their
surroundings and noises that their kids make. What I mean
by that is, have you ever been in a restaurant in which you
hear a baby screaming in the back ground, and you turn
around to see every one around you is looking to where that
noise is coming from, then you look at the parents of that
lovely little walking headache (baby) and they just look
drained to the point that they, see nothing, & hear nothing.

Now as I look back over the years of our kids and when they
were that small. I have to tell my self, boy do I miss those
years. Because when they get older, they just donít get
smarter or even quieter. Well then again as a proud parent
of 2 teenagers and one 9 year old, I will say one thing
bout teenagers, and that is there never is a dull moment
around the Williams Klan. As a matter of fact, I think I
will go and apply for a new last name for our humble little
family. I think I like the name of Griswall, because we
always seem to be in Wally world, where every child is not
just a ride, they are an adventure.

Okay now on to my title DRIVING ME CRAZY. its not the years
that all my kids seemed to have added to my life, that
drives me crazy. Itís my oldest son, whom is undertaking an
adventure for him self. Which is I'M trying to teach him how
to drive a car. At first, his mother decided that with my
limited time during the afternoon hours that she would
gracefully try to teach him how to drive. LOL It last a whole
5 minutes I think. All I could do was ask her what was the
problem, and how difficult could it be just to sit there and
watch someone else drive you around. Hmmm sounded nice to me
at the time.

Then all of a sudden she looked at me (which might I ad I
could of sworn she had fire coming out of her eye sockets)
and told me, (about as politely as she could of at that time),
that since I had nerves of steel, that I would be the chosen
one for driving lessons, then she just turned and walked away.
I mean really how hard could it be to teach someone how to
drive, I kept asking my self. But soon I found out that if
I wasnít drinker that I might want to take up drinking as a

Over a period of a few months of letting my son come close to
killing me several times. I thought many ways of trying to
teach him, while outside the car. However, to no avail there
was no escape from the torture I was to endure over this
time frame in our lives. Even though the first six months
were pure gray hair time in my life, my son had begun to
actually start getting the hang of keeping the car on his
side of the road, and not giving me the whiplash feelings I
was having from him stopping and starting all the time. Even
though I still have to remind him that in order to see on
coming traffic at a stop sign, you must first pull all the
way up to the stop sign, and not 20 feet before the stop sign.

Now that my son has about a month left before he takes the
big challenge with the driving bureau, I'M still kind of
leery of his driving abilities, like last week he was driving
my truck while we were on the way home from work. and kind of
turned the corner too sharp, and off came all the equipment
on top of the truck. Needless to say, we were picking ladders
and stuff off the road for over 30 minutes.

Now I warn all of you that have teenagers growing up to
become the future drivers of your family, I will give you
one piece of advice. And that is write to your Congressman
to pass new laws on teens and theyíre driving ages. DONíT
LET THEM BEHIND THE WHEEL. That is unless you love
punishment, and don't mind adding a few years to your life.
I don't know about you, but I'M 40 going on 52, because of
me not listening to my beloved wife, about how my son drove
her that day almost a year ago. And just think I have 2
more kids to go. LORD HELP US ALL.


Kathy Williams is the owner of K.D.W. SERVICES
(http://www.kdwservices.com) editor & publisher of BUSYMOM
EZINE (Get your free e-book when you subscribe,) writer and
author of her own articles, and her new just-released
E-book, "I Survived."

edcrain @ edcrain.net

webmaster @ edcrain.net


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